BBDO Tops The Gunn Report for Record 11th Year in a Row

For the 11th year in a row, BBDO has topped The Gunn Report as the world’s most creative agency network.


In addition, for the first time, we ranked #1 in every major category measured: Digital, Film, Print and All Gunns Blazing (Integrated).

As you know, The Gunn Report is a global index of creative excellence based on results from the most important global, regional and national creative industry competitions.


Four BBDO agencies were ranked among the top ten:
Colenso BBDO, NZ (#2);
Almap BBDO, Brazil (#3);
AMV BBDO, London (#6); and BBDO New York (#8).

We also placed work among the top five in every category: Currys PC World from AMV BBDO (#2 in Film), DB Breweries “Brewtroleum” from Colenso BBDO (#2 in All Gunns Blazing and #3 in Print) and Pedigree from Colenso BBDO (#5 in Digital).

In all, 33 of our agencies from 26 countries contributed to these results.

As Donald Gunn, founder and author of The Gunn Report said

As the industry has evolved, BBDO has clearly evolved, too, delivering the best creative ideas regardless of form or platform. And they are receiving contributions from across the globe, so this success is not the result of just one office or one campaign.

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