Even as technological progress radically changes the very nature of communication, the borderless pandemic is triggering transformation among consumers and society. The emergence of a next-generation communication society rooted in new technologies is upending existing conventions and business models, and the new issues that will emerge as a result will demand rapid responses to change and global alliances.

At I&S BBDO, we are using our fast-paced operations and networks to build and offer solutions that not only understands consumers’ current needs but also anticipate and look beyond possible risks and concerns. It is our goal to develop communication that has a powerful impact on people, and to this end we will combine all our strengths, including data-driven flexible communication, universal Brand purpose and creativity, as well as the strength of our creative assets, which effectively and efficiently respond to the changing social values and increasing diversity of society, while also maximizing the media impact of an integrated Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned media strategy.

At the heart of BBDO are our unique ideas, which combine our globally based knowledge and our deep insight into Japanese consumers. We provide value by partnering with our clients to tackle the issues facing their businesses together, and offering Strategies, Ideas, and Creative Solutions that bring real results. We will continue striving to be a partner that both helps build our client’s next-generation business and sustains it beyond inception.



Yoshihiro Nagai   President ,Representative Director


Apr. 1985          Joins Dentsu Inc.
Apr. 1994          Director of Dentsu Young & Rubicam Singapore
Jun. 1998          Group Account Director, Client Services Division 18
Apr. 2011          President Director, Dentsu Consultants Indonesia
May. 2015         CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network Korea
Jul. 2018           Joins I&S BBDO Inc. Managing Director
Mar. 2019          President, I&S BBDO Inc.
Jan.1st 2021      President Representative Director, I&S BBDO Inc.
                          President Representative Director, BBDO JAPAN Inc.
                          Representative Director, BBDO J WEST Inc.