We are now entering an era of major transformation. Since the financial crisis, the consumer purchasing behavior in each country has varied with the change in people’s values. With this change, new needs have emerged. On the other hand, lifestyles and communication methods have diversified with the rapid expansion of digital media with the Internet and mobile phones. There have been significant changes in the way we use media.

We, as an advertising agency and marketing firm, must capture new values and the diversifying needs accurately, and must convey the values of each product to our target users effectively and efficiently. Now, when a 360 degree communication that embraces all types of media integrally including digital media is urgent, we believe that the values we can provide are “strategies”, “ideas”, and “creativity”.
BBDO is well known globally as an advertising agency that merits in creativity. Sharing its know-how that has been accumulated by its strong network, I&S BBDO offers a total communication by fusing the knowledge and experience that it has cultivated in Japan for the past 70 years. I&S BBDO is striving to convey new messages that best fits the age with sophisticated creativity and a marketing communication that agrees with the client in its entirety.



Kazutoyo Kato Representative Director


2019 Representative Director, I&S BBDO Inc. (present)
2015 President of BBDO JAPAN Inc. (present)
2009 Dec President & CEO, Representative Director, I&S BBDO Inc.
2004 Board of Director, I&S BBDO Inc. (BBDO J WEST)
2002 President of BBDO J WEST Inc. (present)
2000 Executive Director, I&S BBDO Inc. (Kyushu Region)
1979 Joins Daiichi Advertising Inc. (currently I&S BBDO)
1972 Joins Seibu Mainichi Advertising Inc.


1972 Bachelor in Economics, Seinan Gakuin University