“Hiroshima Cat Street View – Onomichi” – the world’s first digital map from cat’s eye view – has received a Gold Medal in the 2016 Warc Prize for Asian Strategy

“Hiroshima Cat Street View – Onomichi,” which was produced by I&S BBDO inc. Group (President & CEO: Kazutoyo Kato, head offices: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, BBDO JAPAN/ I&S BBDO/BBDO J WEST) and Koo-KI Co., Ltd., has been awarded a Gold Medal at the Warc Prize for Asian Strategy 2016, held in November 2016. Out of 4 Gold Medals available, this was the only campaign to be awarded by a Japanese advertising company.


The Warc Prize is an advertisement award for the Asian region launched as part of Warc’s activities to provide marketing information to global markets. This award accepts applications for advertising agencies and marketers that operate in Asia.


The award-winning “Hiroshima Cat Street View” is part of Hiroshima Prefecture’s “Kanpai! (Cheers) Hiroshima — Look! — Eat! — Drink!” tourism campaign that has been ongoing since June 2015. Using the city of Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture as its subject, it is the world’s first digital map seen from a cat’s sightline. It allows users to experience not only the tourism spots of Onomichi but also interesting shops, hidden views and other little-known delights along the city’s backstreets from the viewpoint of cats (15 centimeters above ground) who know the city well.


As approaches to enjoyment of travel become more diverse, this service was produced to satisfy the wishes of travelers hoping to get a little more out of their excursions by moving off the beaten track. Having been covered by more than 400 media agencies in Japan and overseas, it has been successful in adding a new “perspective” to travel enjoyment in Hiroshima.

Following on from the success of the “Onomichi” edition, the “Takehara” edition set in the city of Takehara in Hiroshima Prefecture, was released on September 1. This allows users to experience the beautiful charm of Takehara, also called “Small Kyoto in Aki,” via the world’s second digital map from cat’s eye view. The site can be accessed from the “Kampai Hiroshima Hikkyo Tours” homepage.

Kampai! Hiroshima Hikkyo Tours URL

【Hiroshima Cat Street View】

【Demo Clip】


【Staff List】

Planning and production: KOO-KI + I&S BBDO Group (BBDO JAPAN/I&S BBDO/BBDO JWEST)

General Director   Kan Eguchi
Producer    Masami Shimamura
Producer   Yuki Ebisu

Creative group
Executive Creative Director   Masaki Honda

Content Development Group
Planner   Tatsuro Kumaki
Planner   Kenta Takagi
Planner    Takeru Nagasaki
Art Director   Yoshiyuki Kaneko
Account Producer   Hironobu Taniguchi

Communication Design Group
Communication Director   Daisuke Sasaki
Communication planner   Susumu Yamamoto

Digital Communication Design Group
Planning Director  Tomohiro Hikawa
Senior planner  Yoshihisa Osaka

Sales department No.3
Account Executive Takeda Shunsuke


Regarding the detail, please refer to the attached PDF File.


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