Introducing “TOKYO XYZ,” a new axis of blog media to add a spice to your marketing communications!


I&S BBDO, part of the I&S BBDO Group (President & CEO: Kazutoyo Kato, Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Group companies: I&S BBDO, BBDO JAPAN, BBDO J WEST) primarily servicing domestic clients, has launched its new blog “TOKYO XYZ,” with its own Planning & Digital Group members as main contributors and content managers.


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– The debut of the new blog penned by planners with a variety of perspectives, the only one of its kind
“TOKYO XYZ” is produced by planners long steeped in the mystery of Tokyo’s Harumi seafront district – a district known for its historical vestiges of Edo period (the pre-1868 name for Tokyo). Written by I&S BBDO planners who have designed and developed numerous advertising communication campaigns for a wide range of clients, the blog will share the news and planners’ perspectives on digital, brand and marketing topics. Leveraging the BBDO network, the blog will also feature and update latest global cases as well as the day-to-day thinking behind planners and creators from various markets.

– “New axis from the frontline” – meanings behind the title “XYZ”
XYZ中盤By its name “XYZ” in “TOKYO XYZ,” the title has two meanings. First, we transmit information at the forefront from Tokyo’s frontline location “XYZ” – our ‘hideout’ in Tokyo’s Harumi district, a.k.a. Harumi Triton Square office complex made up of three towers X, Y, and Z. Another is to provide perspectives from the three “XYZ” axes, seeing the world not only with horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) but with diagonal (Z) views. The goal of the blog is to bring information content relevant to your marketing activities, serving as a ‘trump card’ when in need of the breakthrough.

[Key Series & Columns]
“Unchanging Core” and “Changing Periphery” seen through “Penetrating” Way of Life – Essentials for a Strong Brand


“Drink Beer to Save the World!?”– Topnotch ideas introduced by BBDO offices worldwide


“Media rights when the Chips are Down!”- What is Media rights that produces good content one after another?


– Marketing case studies, trends, and news
– Digital trends
– BBDO Worldwide case studies
– Columns themed around communications

…among many others to come!


For further information, please refer to the attached PDF.

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