I&S BBDO Announce New Management Team

I&S BBDO Inc. announced that the new management team has been appointed at the General Shareholders Meeting held on March 26th, 2021 as follows:


  1. Newly appointed Board Members

 Andrew Robertson, Director

Yoshikuni Sugiyama, Director

  1. Retired board members

Yoshio Okubo, Director

Chris Thomas, Director 

Kazutoyo Kato, Director

The list of I&S BBDO Board of Directors:

Directors (6 people)

Chairman Andrew Robertson
Vice Chairman Soo Siong Keoy
Representative Director, President Yoshihiro Nagai
Finance Director Kazuo Kano
External Director Yoshikuni Sugiyama
Director Takao Tsutsumi

Auditors (1 person)

External Auditor Yozo Matsuda


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