Announcement of New Management Team

I&S BBDO announced today that the new management team has been appointed at the General Shareholders Meeting held on March 29th, 2018 as follows:

1.Newly appointed board member
Takao Tsutsumi, Director
Yozo Matsuda, External Auditor

2.Retired board members
Koji Tsutsumi, Director
Nobuyoshi Takahashi, External Auditor

The list of I&S BBDO board of directors is as below:

Directors (6 people)
Chairman: Chris Thomas
Representative Director, President and CEO: Kazutoyo Kato
Chief Financial Director: Keoy Soo Siong
Finance Director: Kazuo Kano
External Director: Yoshio Okubo
Director: Takao Tsutsumi

Auditors (2 people)
External Auditor: Junji Hatano
External Auditor: Yozo Matsuda


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