For the fifth year running, BBDO has been ranked as the agency network having the most outstanding effectiveness and strategy in the world in the WARC 100. In the BEST100 section for the world’s best advertising campaigns, “Hiroshima Cat Street View – Onomichi” – the Japanese digital map from cat’s eye view produced by I&SBBDO & KOO-KI, was ranked at 78th.

On February 26, 2018, the WARC 100 annual rankings of the world’s best advertising and marketing campaigns were announced, and BBDO Worldwide, the parent company of I&S BBDO Inc., was chosen as the most outstanding agency network. Also, I&S BBDO Inc. Group (President & CEO: Kazutoyo Kato, head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, BBDO JAPAN/ I&S BBDO/BBDO JWEST) and KOO-KI Co., Ltd. were ranked 78th (1st among the ranked entries from Japan) In the BEST100 section for the world’s best advertising campaigns, for “Hiroshima Cat Street View – Onomichi”, which they produced as a part of the tourism promotion campaign of Hiroshima Prefecture.

About WARC 100
The WARC 100 rankings are conducted by WARC as part of its efforts to provide marketing information to global markets. It is an annual ranking of the world’s best 100 marketing campaigns and advertising agencies, based on performance in over 70 effectiveness and strategy competitions staged throughout the world.

BBDO – ranked the No. 1 most effective agency network while also dominating the individual agency rankings from 1st to 4th. In WARC 100, BBDO Worldwide (President & CEO: Andrew Robertson, head office: New York), the parent company of I&S BBDO Inc., has been chosen as the world’s No. 1 advertising agency network for effectiveness and strategy for the fifth year running.Said Andrew Robertson:

Smarter thinking unleashes the power of creativity to make greater impact. That’s why leading the WARC 100 is so meaningful.

Also, in the individual agency section, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne of Australia was ranked No. 1 for effectiveness, followed by Colenso BBDO in second, BBDO New York in third, and BBDO India in fourth, thus giving BBDO a clean sweep of the top four places.

“Hiroshima Cat Street View – Onomichi” ranked 78th among the world’s BEST100 campaigns
In the BEST100 section for the world’s best advertising campaigns, “Hiroshima Cat Street View – Onomichi” – the digital map from cat’s eye view, was ranked 78th (top among the two ranked entries from Japan). “Hiroshima Cat Street View – Onomichi” also won one Gold and two Silver Medals and was placed 3rd in the Brand of the Year section in the APAC Effie Awards. In addition, in recognition for its excellent showing in some of the world’s most prominent advertising effectiveness awards, it received the Gold Medal in the WARC Prize for Asian Strategy.


【See here for the WARC 100 top 100 campaigns】

About Hiroshima Cat Street View
The award-winning “Hiroshima Cat Street View – Onomichi” was produced as part of the “Kampai! Hiroshima Prefecture” campaign that has been implemented by Hiroshima Prefecture since June 2015. Set in Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture, it is the world’s first digital map from cat’s eye view. It gives users the opportunity to experience the tourist spots, famous backstreet stores, hidden views and other hidden attractions of Onomichi City from the perspective of cats (15cm aboveground) who know the city inside out.

As approaches to enjoying travel become more diverse, this video was produced with an eye on the psychology of travelers who want to “become more travel-savvy while getting away from standard routes”. Having been covered by more than 400 media outlets in Japan and the rest of the world, it has succeeded in adding a new “perspective” to enjoying travel in Hiroshima.


Regarding the detail, please refer to the attached PDF File.

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