I&S BBDO Personal Information Protection Policy
As a company dedicated to providing communications services, I&S BBDO Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) sees it as our mission is to create “the world’s most compelling commercial content,” providing our clients with solutions that not only change consumer awareness, but consumer action as well. As a result, the Company has occasion to make use of private and personal information belonging to our client companies and their customersー consumers. We recognize that, in handling personal information, we have a responsibility to exercise strict and appropriate management and protection. While the Company has always strived to protect personal information, with the shift towards overlaying information networks, we believe that it is also increasingly important to be able to properly manage information about individuals. Thus, we hereby proclaim the following as our basic policy for the protection of personal information and also pledge to implement a personal information protection management system that fully complies with all of the requirements for JIS Q 15001 certification.

  1. The Company will abide by all laws and regulations, national guidelines, other standards, contracts, internal company rules and so forth pertaining to the treatment of personal information.
  2. When obtaining personal information directly from a consumer, the Company will acquire, use and make available to third parties such information only upon obtaining the prior consent of the consumer involved, having explained in advance the purpose for which we intend to use such information.
  3. When obtaining personal information from a client, the Company will handle such information according to mutually determined rules regarding the treatment of personal information.
  4. The treatment of personal information obtained from our business partners shall be determined according to contracts and/or memorandums regarding the treatment and protection of personal information, which shall be exchanged between our company and all contractors.
  5. In order to manage personal information in an appropriate manner, the Company will implement a companywide personal information management system and designate a custodian who will be responsible for the management of personal information.
  6. The Company will implement necessary and appropriate measures, as well as preventative and corrective actions, at both the technical and organizational level, in order to respond to the risks of unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of such information.
  7. The aforementioned custodian shall respond to any consultations and/or complaints that may arise with regard to personal information, regardless of whether they are corporate or personal in origin. The entirety of such proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, contracts and company rules; and both the particulars and outcome shall be recorded and reported to the organizations and agencies concerned. Furthermore, where corrective actions are deemed necessary, such action shall be undertaken with all due expediency.
  8. The Company will educate all of our executives and employees regarding the Company’s personal information protection policy in order to promote understanding and observance of our company’s systems and rules relating to personal information protection.
  9. With the protection of individuals’ rights and interests as our highest priority, the Company will respond quickly to ever-changing environments, continuously updating and improving our personal information management system.

Established: September 1, 2011
Last Updated: April 1, 2014
Yoshihiro Nagai,
President,Representative Director
I&S BBDO Inc.Privacy Mark


Regarding the Acquisition and Use of Personal Information
The Company has occasion to acquire and use personal information, and this is done in accordance with JIS Q 15001 requirements, as described below:

Through inquiries regarding potential business transactions, recruitment and so forth, the Company has occasion to receive personal information that is provided by customers. On such occasions, the Company will not use personal information so obtained for any purpose other than that which was expressly indicated to the customers at the time of acquisition in the form of our response or notice to the customers.
The Company has occasion to receive personal information that is provided by customers in the course of handling entries for promotional giveaways and applications for participation in promotional events, which is performed on consignment for our clients. At that time, the company shall appropriately use the personal information entrusted to us within the scope of the purpose of use and consent, based on the request of the client after confirming the method with which this information was obtained as well as the scope of the purpose of use and consent.

Regarding the Release of Personal Information to Third-Party Contractors
In order to execute our business smoothly, the Company has occasion to entrust a part of our work to contractors, to whom we also entrust, to the minimum extent necessary, customers’ personal information. However, when so entrusting personal information to third parties, the Company selects only contractors who satisfy the standards that we have established. Furthermore, the Company concludes contracts pertaining to the treatment of personal information with all contractors and also performs appropriate supervision of contractors.

Regarding the Management of Personal Information
In order to prevent the loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration of personal information, the Company implements strict information security measures. In addition to preparing and maintaining a secure environment to protect against unauthorized access, the Company will continually reassess and upgrade our security measures in order to keep pace with advancements in technology.

Regarding the Release, Correction, Addition or Deletion of Personal Information
The Company makes every effort to maintain the most accurate, up-to-date versions of our customers’ personal information. When so requested by a customer, we will release, correct, add to or delete the information that we have in our records. However, we reserve the right to deny, with an explanation of the reason or reasons, such a request, in part or in whole, should we determine that any of the following circumstances apply:

There is a perceived risk to the life, physical health, assets and/or other rights and interests of the person concerned or of a third party.
There is a perceived risk of a significant hindrance to the reasonable execution of the Company’s business.
Such an action would conflict with applicable laws or ordinances.
When requesting either release, correction, addition, deletion or any combination of the above with regard to the customer personal information in the Company’s possession, we request that you submit to us any of the following documents so that we may verify your identity.

  • Driver’s License
    Health Insurance Card
    Other documents that may be used to positively verify your identity.
  • For the release of customer information in the Company’s possession and/or notification of the purpose of use for such information, we require payment in the amount of 1,080 yen (tax inclusive) per request, payable upon the receipt of an invoice from the Company, in order to cover our expenses.

Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Please direct any inquiries regarding the personal information under the Company’s management to the person listed below.

Tomomi Aikou, Human Resources
TEL 03-6221-8585
FAX 03-6221-8791

[Personal Information Protection Manager]
Katsuo Takehara, Corporate Planning

[Authorized Organization of Personal Information Protection *]
Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC)
Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
TEL 03-5680-7565, 0120-700-779
*Note: This is not the contact for our agency’s services.